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Original Civet Coffee

It Civet Coffee Original from Kendal Regency Central Java Indonesia

Kopi Luwak from Indonesia is often referred to as the best in the world, supposedly once been the Oprah Winfrey talk show host world-renowned events of America lifted the Oprah Winfrey Show complete with the story of the creation of a concoction of coffee ranging from cherry red fruit are eaten by  Civet then fermented in the animal's stomach and from coffee beans that have been fermented naturally it is processed in the traditional way that creates a hygienic then voila coffee flavor that is second to none, and of course expensive as well as world-class.

But of course, Oprah Winfrey never thought that the coffee they drink is not as sweet as the  fate Luwak coffee artisans especially in Kendal Regency Central Java Indonesia, there was a Yoga Basuki (40) aka Mas Aan, the District Sukorejo Kalibogor villagers who for three years trying to develop Kopi Luwak is genuine, original, pure and not mixed with instant coffee or regular coffee and those coffee really comes from the fermentation of the nocturnal animal's body.

Mas Aan learn from nature, he tried to create the approaching captivity Civet way of life in the wild, it could be said this is the only one in captivity Civet Kendal, recorded the results of his labor he has now tailed mongoose Ninety of the breeding results, according Aan, to able to successfully maintain and breeding the civet , the first good is based on a sincere desire to love animals, it is not exploitation in the sense not only make a profit regardless of the animal's health and way of life, there is no torture, diet cycle has set in which Civet eating coffee which occurred in May, June, J uly, August, and September, Aan has tips to optimize feeding coffee berries arranged two days of eating coffee and one day of fasting, in which the third Day of Luwak coffee is not eating at all but replaced with a banana fruit , Guava, Papaya, catfish fish protein intake, and if sick then traditional Civet fed lizards to stamina and Vanishing disease,

Aan also declined to give a protein intake of broilers chickens either alive or already finished because he thinks Broiler carcasses have a high chemical content and susceptible to bacteria if the carcass is given to the pet mongoose. In exchange he gave Snail, chicken eggs and not to drink milk because Luwak not given naturally in their habitat,His  Luwak never drink milk, this guy gives liquid palm sugar in addition to avoidance of dehydration as well as to reduce the stress which is common
"In principle, if the mongoose healthy fat and then fermenting the resulting coffee will be perfect, make perfect fermentation acid contained in coffee naturally eclipsed by protolitik enzymes in the body of Luwak" Aan said.

Aan can guarantee the authenticity and purity of Luwak coffee is produced by the farm, "The principle is that I want to restore the image of Indonesian Civet coffee is coffee and original quality of the natural fermentation of the Java programming language, not mix with other coffee" he said, to the efforts of enterprising Aan providing extension to farmers to help support the movement prohibit hunting in the wild civet, he also urged the farmers to preserve rare coffee grown Kendal residents are ancestors hundreds of years old where the Arabica type of coffee and tobacco aromas mixed Leberica it because supposedly planted on the slopes of Mount Perau , Mount Sindoro, and Mount Sumbing known for Srintil Tobacco which   super expensive price.

Civet Coffee products produced by Basuki farms of Yoga is divided into three variants namely Arabica, Robusta and Leberica, all three have in common is the viscosity of concentrated, pungent smell either when raw or prepared food, specifically for Leberica more like aroma when raw fruit Jackfruit but when it's brewed it will come out a little scent of tobacco. For the true connoisseur of coffee, there is a special flavor in pure Kopi Luwak coffee that is not contained in the usual, "Aroma and the stimulant gives  different effects, Civet coffee is more" sting "" Yoga said,

To fix the Basuki Yoga Price Crude is priced Arabica Coffee One Million Rupiahs, Eight Hundred Thousand Rupiahs for  Raw Robusta , Crude Leberica One Million Rupiahs , Arabica Roasting and Powders prepared fare makers Two Million Rupiahs, Robusta Roasting and Powder One Million Five hundred Thousand Rupiahs , and Leberica Roasting and Powder Two Million Five hundred Thousand Rupiahs .

Buyers are coming or ordering via phone coming from various parts of the country, especially from some classy cafes and also from overseas such as Taiwan, Morocco, the Middle East, the Netherlands, Germany and the United States and several other European countries "Usually they buy through the workforce working there and when leave was taken for by the by, but some are special order through our marketing network in Blackberry Messenger pin 21DC007F "Aan said.

Aan hope no government interest in coffee Luwaknya product development, during this time he saw the local government is less enthusiastic about promoting potential Kendal Coffee's "Though this is a genuine product Kendal, not until later if there are other areas or other countries such as Malaysia patenting Kopi Luwak, our new throe "added the man who resemble flawless Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao this.

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